Friday, July 3, 2015


Eikan-do was once the villa of a Japanese noble from the Heian period (710-1185).

Built alongside a hillside, the various buildings of the temple are connected via covered walkways. These buildings, some of which are very large, contain a variety of objects of worship.

The Hojo pond is surrounded by an elaborate garden. It was a very relaxing place to sit and contemplate the beauty of nature.

Entering the Shakado (Hall of  the historical Buddha)  one encounters an extensive rock and moss garden that surrounds the hall. 

Nestled in the trees on the hillside above the temple is the Tahoto Pagoda. To get to the pagoda, one has to climb a lengthy set of stairs. However, the climb was worth the effort since the view of Kyoto from above is impressive.

There is also a beautiful pond with two stone bridges, a torii gate, and a small island with a shrine. Interestingly, the trees were remarkably colorful given that it was early summer.