Thursday, July 9, 2015


Koko-en is a recently (1992) constructed Japanese style garden. It sits on the site of the former feudal lords’ west residence. It consists of nine separate gardens designed in various styles from the Edo period.

Some of the gardens include the garden of the lord’s residence (featuring a pond with waterfall), tea garden, pine tree garden, bamboo garden, and flower garden.

The Souju-an, or Tea Ceremony House, was  a wonderful place to rest and take in some garden views. I was able to partake in some green tea and a light snack. The  interior of the house was elaborately designed and contained many traditional architectural features.

Overall, I enjoyed Koko-en. Surprise and excitement awaited around every corner and through every gate, leaving me with a exhilarated sense of anticipation of what was to come next. I was never disappointed.